In order to ensure the broad applicability, 4RinEU approach and technologies will be completely implemented in 4 Demo-Cases and tested with 3 Early Adopter Buildings.

The 4 Demo-Cases owners are both private and public agencies managing an important social housing building stock in four EU-countries:

Even though these agencies renovate buildings with an annual rates around 2%, usually the renovation targets are quite low and far from current best practices, mainly because lack of affordable renovation strategies compatible with the available economic resources.

In addition, the strategy for renovation is driven by maintenance, safety and accessibility issues, level of satisfaction of the users without taking into account the cost-effectiveness of the solutions. In this regards, the technology renovation packages, the methodologies and the business models developed within 4RinEU have the great potential to define more effective deep renovation strategies increasing the cost-effectiveness of the solutions allowing to enhance the annual renovation rate of the building stock managed by the involved agencies.

Haugerudsenteret | Oslo

Haugerudsenteret | Oslo

Norway - Boligbygg

DEMO 1 | Haugerudsenteret Oslo, Norway

The norwegian Demo-Case is a small multi-family house built in 1975, and it presents two floors and 8 dwellings (average surface around 46 m²).

It is part of a complex of six buildings accounting 96 dwellings, owned by Haugerud council housing estate and managed by Boligbygg.



Mariënheuvel | Soest

Mariënheuvel | Soest

Netherlands - Woonzorg Nederland

DEMO 2 | Mariënheuvel Soest, Netherlands

The dutch Demo-Case is a residential building with service and support structures for elderly people with three floors and around 72 dwellings (average surface around 58.5 m²).

It presents high primary energy consumption for heating and domestic hot water production. In fact, it was built with quite poor constructive standards and low quality.

The building belongs to and is managed by Woonzorg Nederland.



La Vall 9 | Bellpuig

La Vall 9 | Bellpuig

Spain - Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya

DEMO 3 | La Vall 9 Bellpuig, Spain

The spanish Demo-Case is a multi-family building with three floors and 15 dwellings (average surface around 50 m²).

Although the building is quite new, it presents high primary energy consumption. In fact, it was built during the construction bubble with poor standards and low quality. Accordingly, it represents a strategic case study for the renovation with a high replication potential for the social housing building stock in Spain.

The building belongs to the Catalan Government and it is managed by AHC, Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya (Housing Agency of Catalonia).

Via Tabona | Pinerolo

Via Tabona | Pinerolo

Italy - Tecnozenith srl

DEMO 4 | Condominio via Tabona - Pinerolo, Italy

The Italian Demo-Case is a two floors multi-family house with 13 dwellings measuring between 35 m² and of 60 m².

This demo case has recently been deeply renovated thanks to the European project BuildHEAT. 4RinEU will further enhance the energy performance of the building through the application of the Plug&Play Energy Hub (PPEH) technology developed by Eurac Research and Thermics and a series of interventions ranging from the renovation of the building envelope and the substitution of the insulation to the installation of new systems to improve ventilation, heating and cooling and the production of sanitary hot water. Read the insight article.

The building is owned by TECNOZENITH srl, an Italian company dealing with several aspects of the building sector such as energy efficiency refurbishment and design, managing and maintenance of HVAC systems.